Enroll and pay for the coaching workshop

To complete the 4th requirement for licensing, please enroll in the Coaching Workshop.​ It is highly recommended that the correspondence courses be completed first.

This workshop is designed with three purposes. First, you will develop language of coaching which does not imply diagnosing, treating, curing or attempting to cure any physical, emotional or mental condition, disease or disorder of any kind. Second, you will learn to offer choices to your client which allows them to make self-informed and self-empowering decisions. Third, because the course is highly intuitive and interactive . . . most participants experience insight and personal growth. To coach others, you will experience being coached. Prerequisites: completion or concurrent enrollment in the correspondence courses.

Enroll in this course for $225.00 on www.soundcoach.org/registration. For questions contact the course instructor: lana@soundcoach.org.