Sacred scalar board

The Sacred Scalar Board is established for the purpose of licensing spiritual health coaches. Those that we license use scalar wave energy combined with sound therapy to bring balance and coherence to physical, emotional, and mental states of being by deepening the connection with the Divine. Quantum Sound Therapy strongly believes in licensing and certification for those wishing to share the technology with the public in group or individual sessions.

Licensing grants you the legal right to practice in your state or province. Your license not only ensures the consumer of your credentials, it protects you as the practitioner. After completing requirements you will be licensed as a Licensed Spiritual Healer by the Sacred Scalar Board.

The Sacred Scalar Board is under the auspices of the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Boards. The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards is to establish course requirements and delivery of services to meet stringent standards established by applicable governmental agencies and the Federation.

Please note licensing is different from certification. Certification is an educational component designed for you to develop an in-depth understanding of how our technologies stimulate balance and harmony, reduce the effects of environmental stressors and open doorways for the expansion of personal and global consciousness. Sound Coach Certification has an approved curriculum from Natural Therapies Certification Board. This board is fully accredited by the American Commission on Accreditation to maintain specific standards of excellence and is recognized in North America, Europe and Australia. For certification requirements please visit